how it works

1) download and register

Download the app and register at

herematch home page


Register in the app.

Make sure to click/tap on the activation link in the confirmation email sent to you. Didn't get the email? Check your spam filter. Still can't find it? Request a new one by logging in at

iphone-button Google Play Button

2) log in

Log in at or through the iPhone or Android app. On the app you only need to log in once and the app will store your credentials until you log out.


3) create profile

Create your profile at or through the iPhone or Android app.

Make sure to fill in the Industry and Services Needed fields and as much additional information as you want.

Don't forget to link your account to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That way, when you check in to events and places, you can automatically update your status on other social networks.

4) find events

Find upcoming events you want to attend using

5) check in

Now for the magic. When you are at a networking event or place, tap the herematch icon on your phone. Tap the check in tab. You will see a list of nearby networking events and places. Choose the one you are at, and check in. When you check in, if you have connected Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn, then your status will be updated on those services.

More importantly you will be shown a list of matches and everyone checked in to the same event or place as you. Matches could be people who need your services, people who offer services you need, or even people from the same hometown as you, who attended the same college as you, who have the same interests or belong to the same associations.

6) match

I see my matches, now what? You can find out more information about any members you match with by tapping their listing. And, not only that, but you can also contact them directly by tapping Call, Text, or Email.

That's it - 6 simple steps to:

Check in with

Check out with